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Class Outline
Classes will be on Monday and Friday  1900-2100 at Maeda Point, Okinawa Japan
and on Wednesday 1730-1900 at the Risner Fitness Center, Kadena AFB, Okinawa Japan

The following is a description of what elements are included in a typical class. This may be changed and variations may be made at any time. It is only a  guide to let you know what you may expect.

I. Class Opening

II. Junan Taiso
Stretching exercises as described in Student Guide

III. Ukemi and Kaiten Waza
Rolling (Forward, Backward, Sideways)
Falling (Forward, Backward, Sideways)
Leaping (All directions)

IV. Sanshin No Kata

V. Kihon Happo
Concentration on proper performance and detail of movements

VI. Lesson of the Day
May consist of continued explanation and practice of Ukemi, Sanshin No Kata,
or Kihon Happo.
Weapons training
Henka (variations) of techniques from the above

VII. Discussion
Questions and Answers
Upcoming Training Opportunities
Club Business

VIII. Class Closing
Class forms in the same manner as opening